What is the difference between Claudio and god?
Nothing…Claudio is god…
“Come know me as god”

That’s when Godio Sanchez was born. 


One among the Fence!


"But are you going to kill her off?"
"It’s not your decision. I love the character, she stays."
"Yeah, well the only thing love’s done is put you in this position; I say kill her off!"
"Yeah, but you say a lot of things… and how does that work? You’re a bicycle"


Coheed & Cambria - The Running Free


After listening to Coheed for years, reading the comics and seeing the lyrics in context makes me so happy. This line made me giddy, and I may have squealed a bit.


Press the steps I take to cross your door frame if

You decide to answer when my fist rings hello

… I’m in love.


C&C Descension appreciation post~~~